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CBZ Agro-Yield’s Command Agriculture

CBZ Agro-Yield Pvt Ltd, a leading agriculture institution focusing on Zimbabwe’s national command agriculture program, managed to computerize the whole program that is from farmer onboarding to the farmer’s inputs allocation to the farmers’ inputs real-time redemption which then affects all of the necessary loan accounts thus computerizing farmers’ loans in real-time.

Since 2019, CBZ Agro-Yield was never the same after the system’s implementation. Once farmer onboarding and proper KYC has been done, a notification SMS is sent to the approved farmers notifying them that their farming inputs voucher has been successfully created and is now ready for real-time voucher payment to the various registered input suppliers under the program.

Prior to the voucher payment, the stock would have been loaded into the system so that when farmers begin to do the real-time inputs voucher payments, voucher stock collected will be drawn down from the actual stock loaded thus giving the service provider i.e. CBZ Agro-Yield, a statement of financial position in real-time.

This simply means at any given point in time, the contracted farmer can also get to see his/her loan balance and prepare the funds accordingly. Business has now ever been a continuous fruitful improvement, thanks to YoApp.

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